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How much space do I need for a casino night?

That depends on the number and type of tables. Generally, about 80 square feet for blackjack, roulette, and poker and about 100 square feet for craps. This includes enough room for the table, dealers, players and walking area.


How many gaming tables do I need to order?

If the casino is the main/only form of entertainment for your event, you will want to have enough gaming tables for 65-75% of your guests. If you have two or more forms of entertainment you will want 40-50%. Each casino gaming table has a different number of total playing spots but on average they accommodate 7-10 players.bout 100 square feet for craps.This includes enough room for the table, dealers, players and walking area.​


Are Florida Casino Parties legal?

Yes, casino parties are legal in Florida since there is no real gambling involved. Guests receive Casino Vouchers or Funny Money at the door and our dealers will exchange them for Casino chips at the gaming table of their choice. At the end of the event, - if you wish to reward winning players with gifts, - our dealer(s) will exchange player's Chips for double numbered raffle tickets. As permited by Florida State Gaming Laws, - in turn, you can conduct a random drawing and award the gifts accordingly.​


Is there a minimum age requirement to play the casino night games?

No, since there is no real gambling involved guests of any age can play.


Should I tip the dealers and if so how much? ​

Gratuity is not included in pricing, however, tips are very much appreciated. As with any service, tipping is based on your level of satisfaction for outstanding service.


How long is a casino party?

Our quoted prices are for 3 hours of non stop casino playing time. Naturally, longer parties may be arranged at a very reasonable additional cost. ​


What is the suggested minimum lead-time for engaging “Casino Party Miami”?​

Just a few days for small home casino parties. If the event is to be held on a Friday or Saturday than, booking the party a couple of weeks in advance is advisable. Naturally, for the corporate events and large tournaments, more advanced arrangements may be needed. However, most often our clients make arrangements several weeks in advance, especially in the case of large multi functional fund raiser events.​​


How to arrange and pay for requested service?​

On all Casino parties advance deposit requested. The balance will be due on the day of the event. We will of course accept company and personal checks, PayPal,and all Major Credit and Debit Cards.


​​Having booked and paid for an event, what will take place next?

We enter your booking in our order book, then designate and arrange for the appropriate equipment to be delivered for your event. We’ll assign the number of our expert dealer(s) required for the Casino event. On the day of the event, our setup crew, - will arrive before the start of the event according to the time needed for the set up. Dealers will check in 30 minutes before the start of the casino party.​​​


Can “ Poker  Parties Miami” handle an event for 200-300 people?​ Due to our extensive network of professional dealers and large resource of quality equipment, - we can handle just about any size event.​​


Casino Parties and the Law?

Good question. Playing Casino games for fun and entertainment in your private residence is permitted and does not violate any Florida or federal laws. In a Corporate or Club settings and for Religious Organizations, - as long as the valid purpose of the event is fundraising for a recognized charitable cause, gaming events are considered to be within the law.

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